Venetian Mirror

Making of an authentic Venetian Mirror is a complex process involving skilful glass work technique. Small pieces of glass are carved into intricate shapes, hand bevelled with curved edges, mirror polished and put together to form ornate patterns.

Dating back to Italian Renaissance, Venetian Mirrors have been decorative pieces of art adorning homes of Venetian lords. Originating in Murano, Italy, the Venetian glass makers made unique high quality mirrors using soda and salt in Italian silica and decorated them in their own unique style. Over centuries, as mirror making became widespread other material were used to make mirrors. The stunning Venetian style mirrors have always stayed objects of desire to give a palatial and ornamental embellishment to any space.

Amita and her team at Earth-n-Heaven excel at conceptualising designs to suit a space. They skilfully hand etch, deep groove, cut and polish each piece of their pattern to make truly distinct Venetian Mirrors. They specialise in carving out intricate flowers, reeds and cane curls to give an extremely clean, traditional and decorative look to their Venetian Mirrors.

Well versed with various mediums, Amita is a pro at creating unique combinations giving a different twist to each of her pieces. Her Venetian Mirrors dazzle up the interiors of homes, hotels, offices and many other spaces.

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