Stone Dust Painting

Mural derived from the Latin word ‘murus’ means a wall. Relief work is a technique in which sculptural elements on top of a flat surface are raised above the background plane giving it a three dimensional depth.

Historically, Relief Art was carried out on the walls of caves as a combination of the pictorial and sculptural arts. In the ancient past Kavi (Kaa-vi) art of coastal Karnataka and Goa created reddish brown murals against white sandblasted backgrounds of temple walls. Fermented mixture of seashells, and washed sand from river beds mixed with jaggery were used to create patterns which would harden once dry.

Bringing alive the heritage of this art which is on the verge of extinction, is the contemporary Relief Art. Using a mixture of marble stone dust and natural gums, intricate patterns are created on a fabricated stone like surface.

Amita has won the National award for her outstanding contribution towards Stone Dust Relief Art work. With her skilled team at Earth-n-Heaven, she creates exquisite panels of Stone Dust Murals. The mesmerising patterns mostly inspired by nature give a defining meaning to any space. The dextrous detailing with which these pieces of art are executed, completely sets them apart. Besides choosing from our existing collection of magnificent pieces, one can order customised panels to suit their style, space and theme.

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