Stained Glass

Stained Glass Art, performed by joining pieces of coloured glass using different techniques, to create stunning colourful pieces, panels, windows and domes, dates back at least a thousand years.

Beginning with the Egyptians and the Romans, stained glass art became an integral part of Gothic architecture in elaborate and monumental cathedral designs. This art was also adopted by Arab architects in the Middle East as part of Islamic and Moorish architecture.

In the nineteenth century, glass artists La Farge and Tiffany created opalescent glass that has more than one colour, giving a totally different and unique look to stained glass.Ever since its inception, the art has been evolving to include contemporary ideas, to suit the genre.

Amita has been creating gorgeous masterpieces using Stained Glass Art form for decades now. With a deeply evolved colour sense and proficiency in the technique, Amita works with her team at Earth-n-Heaven to fabricate intricate designs of this beautiful art form. Applying Stained Glass art, she lets her imagination lose, designing pieces, windows, ceilings, lamps, tables, coasters, trays and a lot more. The radiance of these coloured art pieces as light passes through them is simply marvellous.

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