Sculpture Painting

It is a visual art form where a clay based sculpture paste is worked into three dimensional art objects.The bulging relief sculpture attached to the background surface gives a very realistic and tangible feel to the design.

Sculpture making is one of the oldest art forms that existed even before the art of painting or drawing. Carving of rocks or incising in earth was common in prehistoric times. Ancient Greeks started using sculpture art to honour Gods and Goddesses. During the Middle Ages, Christian faith could be identified with Gothic sculptures. Applying some of the fundamentals of Sculpture art and combining it with painting, artists in recent times have pioneered a beautiful amalgamation art called Sculpture Painting.

Amita has an in-depth understanding of floral art through years of practice. Working with decorative plaster using palette knife, She places delicate leaves, petals, curves and curls on a surface to create most realistic sculpture paintings. From soft pastel irises and daffodils to bright red poppies, from colourful birds and animals to human figures; Amita and her team at Earth-n-Heaven make splendid wall pieces, mirror frames, table bases, pillars and many other customised decorative pieces using Sculpture Painting.

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