Resin Art

Epoxy Resin is a synthetically created compound that was traditionally used in polishes and varnishes. However, the formative malleability of the material, tempted some experimental artists and designers to use this resin as a medium for creating art. Its glass like lustrous look and polymer like properties make this magic material, a versatile choice for creating ethereal abstract patterns.

Resin Art is a contemporary art form originating from the West, that has gathered momentum in the recent past. The polymerized pieces of art with slow flow of resin reflect a brilliant temporal history. The boundless possibilities of designing and moulding this substance, has made Resin art very popular.

Amita and her team at Earth-n-Heaven with creative minds and innovative techniques are trendsetters in Resin Art. They have an in-depth pertinent knowledge of natural elements like temperature, gravity, pressure, wind and viscosity that are vital for curing of resins. Besides using tools like syringes, needles, propane torch and heat gun, they mainly work with their hands. Swirling colours into abstract patterns, layer after layer, Amita accentuates her creations with crystals, glitter, stones, sea shells, dried flowers and leaves. Earth-n-Heaven uses a fusion of different mediums like relief work, antique mirrors, stained glass etc to create table tops, frames, wall art, trays, coasters, panels and a world of other ornate pieces.

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