Porcelain Painting

Porcelain painting is the art of decorating a hard, translucent porcelain surface by painting and subjecting it to heat through firing in a kiln. This sets and cures the paints making them permanent and also giving the surface a beautiful glazed finish.

Ceramic art is one of the oldest art forms as more than a thousand year back clay was discovered that could be moulded into hard objects by mixing with water and firing. Owing to its unique qualities such as low thermal and electrical conductivity, high chemical resistance, and high melting point, ceramic and porcelain are preferred surfaces for creating decorative designs. With an origin in China, Porcelain Painting caught momentum in Europe and the Middle East in the 16th century.

Using different types of mediums, blending soft colours on the hard surface of porcelain, firing for just the right number and amount of times, Amita and her team at Earth-n-Heaven have mastered the art of porcelain painting. Painting on a porcelain surface gives them a plethora of opportunities to showcase their creative talent and bring out stunning results. Applying this art Amita has created wall pieces, tiles, tableware, vases, decorative ceramics, panels, table tops and a number of other customised artefacts.

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