Oils on canvas

Oil paints are dry powder pigments milled with a binding medium like linseed oil that has good drying ability. They are one of the finest fluid painting mediums that can result in exceptional textures on canvas.

This splendid painting form originated ages back somewhere in Afghanistan in the 7th century AD, when oil extracted from walnuts or poppies was used to paint the walls of caves. Different forms of it were later recorded from various parts of the world. In the 15th century egg yolks used as an emulsion for tempera painting technique evolved into oil painting using linseed oil and other volatile solvents. Venice, known for its artistic propensity, emerged as the hub for oil painting with a number of Venetian artists gaining proficiency in the medium.

The seemingly easy art form, Oil painting is very time consuming and requires a thorough knowledge of colours, tools and techniques besides an ability to visualise. With a natural flair towards painting and decades of dedicated practice, Amita has mastered the art of creating numerous different textures with Oil paints. Effortlessly creating fusion of different hues, she tirelessly works for days together to bring out enchanting depths to her realistic artworks.

Amita believes in customising each of her works to blend in with her clients taste, style, decor and colour scheme.Working with her team at Earth-n-Heaven, she has created a multitude of Portraits with fine detailing, Historical works, Genre paintings, Landscapes, Still Life, Modern and Abstract paintings.

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