Mandir Art

Prayer place or Mandir(temple) is an integral part of almost every Indian home. A fountainhead of devotion, our temple at home gives us immense peace and positivity. Be it a simple small enclosure or a large elaborate setup, 'Mandir' always has a special place in our hearts.

Designing Mandirs that portray our concept of religion in its full glory and tradition, has been a deep passion for Amita and her team at Earth-n-Heaven. Preserving sensitivity to personal preferences, Amita conceptualises mystical compositions for temples at home. She weaves in complementing art forms like Gold leaf gilding work, relief art, oil paints, water colours, stained glass, venetian mirrors and many other elements, to create incredibly beautiful temple designs. Engraved and embellished with precious and semi precious stones, her mandir artworks are nothing short of masterpieces.

Earth-n-Heaven takes pride in having designed ornate walls, doors and ceilings for the temple areas, elaborate Ram Darbars, intricate Budha and Mahaveera portrayals, classic Radha Krishna poses, Vishnu in His various avatars, Ganesha in diverse forms, Mantras and religious symbols and several other customised projects.

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