Deep Etching on Glass

Deep Etching is an engraving technique on glass by abrading selected parts to create a design on the surface. Also called French embossing, it originated somewhere in the mid 19th century. With unconventional and creative application of the technique, it gained rapid popularity in the past 2 to 3 decades.

Different techniques are now used for abrasive blasting of glass to etch, frost and shade beautiful designs on it. From delicate airbrush look to deep etched 3-D relief carving, Deep Etching on Glass is a contemporary art form meticulously used to give a distinct identity to any interiors.

Amita with her team at Earth-n-Heaven has been using the ‘Sand Blasting’ technique for Deep Etching on glass. Different elements are carved out laboriously, layer by layer to different depths, giving a 3-D relief look to the work. Vast experience of the team and their expertise make a world of difference to the final finish.

Being a versatile artist working with different mediums, Amita can mix mediums to give an exclusive twist to the piece. Be it table tops, partitions, cabinet glass, glass door, windows or any other glass surface, Amita has the talent to transform every creation into a statement piece.

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