Picnic to Taj Mahal for the studio staff

Stone dust panels for Sai mandir, Sec. 37, Noida

Amita worships art. Her incredible connection with her God instigates her to use art as a medium to share her experiences, thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. It also fills her up with a commitment to give back to the society. She feels humbled by the immense love, appreciation and encouragement of her patrons. In gratitude, she has made social service as her way of life. She uses her art for giving a direction to people from all walks of life. Training them in various art forms, she inculcates confidence in her pupil to start delving in art. Her signature studio 'Earth-n-Heaven' has a mission to impart artistic skills to not just those who can afford it but also to the economically weaker yet passionate set of people. Having trained over women and children with a modest background, Amita has been instrumental in generating employment opportunities for many. The Studio itself engages more than forty artists, a motley group of street children who are now realising their dreams through the medium of art.

She prides herself on being associated with an NGO, 'Navrattan Foundation' dedicated towards the upliftment of unseen talent. Amita has conducted numerous training camps in the villages of Gautam Budh Nagar and has trained and empowered more than 700 women in the sphere of art. Amita believes that the rich heritage and culture of our country can be preserved through the medium of art by attracting young talent into the field. She happily obliges educational institutions for judging their art competitions.It is her passion to encourage children to cultivate and pursue their interest in art.

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