Amita's Award Winning Panels



She began her journey embarking upon traditional art forms and moved on to encompass contemporary styles. Augmenting her education in textile designing she expanded her portfolio to numerous other art profiles like oil paintings, relief work, stained and etched glass work, Tanjore paintings, murals, metal relief work, fabric-painting, ceramic and porcelain paintings.

Sharing the joy of creating something of your own, Amita took up teaching art. She set up her signature studio ‘Earth-n-Heaven’, with a mission to impart the skills to not just those who could afford it but also the economically weaker yet passionate set of people. With her professional and no holding back attitude, Amita soon established herself as a master of her craft. Generating employment by putting her patrons on their own creative journey or engaging them in her creative pursuits, Amita has been building a vision of mutual enrichment. She contributes to the society in many ways, one of which is by nurturing talent and personally grooming her team of modest personages into skilled artists.

Winner of the National Award for stone dust relief work paintings, Amita’s biggest strength is her intricate creations and guaranteed quality of work. With an obsession for perfection, she sets extremely high standards for herself. With an impeccable track record of delivering her work on time, keeping a commitment is second nature to Amita.

The Government of India, appreciating the work being done by Amita honored her once again by conferring the Shilpguru Award (Master craftsperson) for the year 2017, for her continuous endeavor in preserving the heritage of the country through the tenets of Guru Shishya Parampara.

Covered extensively by the media for her contribution to the field of art & community welfare, Amita always lets her work speak for itself.


Art & Design Consultant

Creativity flows naturally in her veins. Immersed in it from the day she opened her eyes, Vidushi developed a natural passion for the arts. From her very childhood she picked up the delicate nuances in the studio under Amita's tutelage. She built on it with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design and Architecture, followed by a Master's in Interior Design.

Vidushi with her creative and modern ideas developed a niche for herself in the field of Resin Art. She blends Resin Art with traditional art forms to create very innovative designs. She offers complete solutions to the architects and interior designers, from the use of art and glass on a site, to commissioning and execution, within the committed timelines.

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